Ready To Race When The Green Flag Drops

Ready To Race When The Green Flag Drops

Hello Everyone ,

Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Finally the month of May has arrived but to us it is just like April , NO RACING . Not much news to report other than a quick update. Before all this COVID-19 pandemic , I was hoping to have a race recap to report since our first race of 2020 was to happen this past Saturday. SCoNE is monitoring what each of the tracks we visit is doing and we will update everyone as soon as we know anything. Today the State of Vermont gave permission to Devil's Bowl Speedway to hold private practice sessions. Please contact the track for details on who is eligible to practice and there rules, costs, etc.. Check the other tracks social media channels for updates as they will post news as it happens. In my opinion there will be lots of guidelines to social distancing and masks and such for any practice sessions the tracks hold if they are allowed to by there state and local officials . To any SCoNE member reading this please reach out to series director at the following email. for communications .

Stay safe and hope to see you at a track soon.

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