Looking ahead to the 2023 racing season

Well this week finally looks like winter , a few storms and finally some daily use of the plows and shovels. For racing season lets hope it only sticks around for short term. But like myself you all probably enjoy winter activities too. The 2023 schedule is currently being worked on with the typical tracks the series has ran in the past. The discussions are ongoing with promoters of each track. One of the highlights on the schedule will again be the race at NHMS on The Flat Track, a small 1/4 dirt surface track they have built for the motorcycles that run at NHMS on Motorcycle Week. This year SCoNE will be there on Friday night July 14th, this is a great venue for the series to showcase 360 winged sprint cars to many, many race fans that show up at NHMS. Most race fans in New England are familiar with the many asphalt divisions and series running on the many tracks in New England. NHMS has given SCoNE a chance to show the excitement of short track dirt racing to these race fans. Last year they was a huge crowd for the Friday Night Duels and I know some of those race fans ventured out to the other dirt tracks in the region to watch that excitement again. With dirt track racing growing rapidly across the country, SCoNE has a good opportunity to show them what we can do. Example is that this year the Daytona 500 had a few drivers competing for the win at the end of that race, such as Kyle Larson, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, Christopher Bell. It was Ricky Stenhouse Jr winning one of the biggest races in the world. Just weeks before Ricky ended up with two third place finishes in Florida in a 360 winged sprint car. These drivers and more try to get in their 360 sprint cars when they can , or when allowed. That is huge to continue the sport of grassroots short track dirt racing, especially here in New England. SCoNE is actively seeking sponsorship opportunities as well. It is very hard to find partners during the way things are now, with workforce shortages and such. If you think you know someone who would like to work with the series please let us know.
Hopefully in 2023 SCoNE will be doing better at utilizing our partnership with My Race Pass which is our track website host and many more things they offer. Please check out the MRP app, it is the best tool for information on most types of local short track racing across the country. The great staff there is always trying to help me upgrade the SCoNE use of the tools they offer. Teams and races should have this app in my opinion. (I do) . If you know a race fan willing to help us out with social media or website , again let us know.
A winter meeting is scheduled for March 11, to hopefully finalize things so we can get started on promoting the 2023 events.

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