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It's time to get the 2021 JRC Transportation Sprint Cars of New England race season started with our first event this Sunday at Devil's Bowl Speedway in West Haven , VT. Lots of work and energy has been put in by the race teams and the series to bring the race fans a good season of sprint car racing. Hoping that the current weather in New England clears up and warms up too. SCoNE should have a decent car count with somewhere around 20 entries . Along with the SCoNE teams we have been contacted by a few others that want to come race with us.
The new race season will bring some new sponsors to our series and also bring some new things to the race fans. SCoNE has put together a 2021 series program to be sold at events. This will allow the race fans to get a little information on who the drivers are and give them a chance to support some local businesses who support our series, with an ad in the program. It will have a page for kids to color in their favorite sprint car and submit the drawing to us for a chance to win a new bike. The contest is sponsored by Dawley Collision and Customs from Waterford , CT. SCoNE will pick a winner from each track of the drawings submitted. Also chances to win SCoNE t-shirts and prize packs at race events. Follow us on social media for more on those things.
Our goal is to have a good safe season with a good car count and the way our schedule is set up this year we think this can happen. We want the race fans to be excited when the JRC Transportation Sprint Cars of New England are racing at Devil's Bowl Speedway, Bear Ridge Speedway , and RumTown Speedway.

Hope to see you all soon at a race track.

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