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Sprint Cars of New England does not have much to announce for upcoming racing, but we do have some news regarding upcoming racing in 2020. As of this writing we have canceled our 5th race of 2020 with Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, VT canceling this Saturday's event on 6/13/20 due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are staying as current as possible with the info that is available . If we can race , we'll race. Unless situations come up that a track can't host an event due to state and local governments host agreements. Bear Ridge is able to host practice within the guidelines from state and local governments . From what I know Devil's Bowl Speedway in West Haven ,VT is still having practice for divisions with the guidelines in place per state and local regulations. I will try and reach out to them and see if things change there. As for RumTown Speedway in Wentworth, NH they have approval to open for racing and practice with restrictions. The worst restriction is NO fans allowed . They are going to run a few events and see what happens, hopefully they do OK and can continue moving forward. SCoNE has been in contact with the management of the speedway and after canceling some events and moving dates around we have some dates set to race 360 winged sprint cars . The first date that SCoNE will visit RumTown Speedway will be on Friday July 3rd. This date was on our original 2020 schedule . The 7/3/20 date will be a open wheel night with other divisions as well. This event as of 6/10/20 is NOT open to race fans. All admission will be for team members only and the grandstands will not be open to spectators . Each team will be allowed to have 10 team members including the driver. All crew members must sign in for pit entry. THERE ARE SCoNE TEAMS LOOKING FOR CREW MEMBERS , we are a small family type series and always looking for good help , mud scrappers , and such . All interested should contact via email . If you are a SCoNE team and want to practice please reach out to tracks directly for proper information and details. There are lots of rumors being said and posted on social medial pages .
SCoNE will have a updated schedule sometime soon and that may change many times . Our teams want to race as much as the fans want to watch racing and the tracks want to open up for all. After all they are in a business and we dont want them to suffer more than they are now. From what I know the 6/20/20 race at The Flat Track at NHMS in Loudon, NH has been cancelled . Still looking into the September event. Again governments are making these decisions not track owners or promoters . Stay tuned folks.
Now some other news : SCoNE has been doing some supporting of Sprint Cars racing in other parts of the country in a way to promote our series. SCoNE donated some money to the Beer Hill Gang PA Posse for travel expenses for PA based sprint car teams that traveled to the World of Outlaws events held at Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 in Pevely , Missouri. on 5/22 and 5/23 . All teams plus The Beer Hill Gang gave many mentions on social media as well as the Dirtvision broadcast. Also SCoNE donated money for the team that traveled the furthest during the Ollie's Bargain Outlet All Star Circle of Champions event held at Park Jefferson International Speedway in Park Jefferson , South Dakota on 5/29 and 5/30 , again many mentions on social media as well as on the Floracing broadcast. The money that SCoNE gave away was donated by Dawley Collision and Customs from Waterford , CT. Also the fine folks from Dawley's had some facemasks made for SCoNE drivers to wear if needed at events. We thank them for all they do. And Samantha at Indy Race Parts for a great facemask design and product.
Please make sure you visit our Facebook and Twitter pages and like and share the post. It means a lot when reaching out to others for help with product and such. We also would like to thank all of our partners who choose to fight this battle with us and soon get racing again. Connecticut based FK Rod Ends, Pro Shocks, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, NGK sparkplugs, Racing Optics, O'Reilly's Auto Parts, Wilwood Brakes, MPI, Hoosier Tire East , TBones Restaurants , Slade Shock Technology, Maxim Race Chassis, Waddell Communications , Bentley's Saloon . They are what keep us going.

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